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I’m so glad this infographic exists.


I’m so glad this infographic exists.

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Angry Griffin is the funniest Griffin

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drake in the anaconda video and van gogh’s ‘at eternity’s gate’

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It’s alive! It’s alive! And its name is Pumpkinstein!

Tony Dighera of Cinagro Farms is the Victor Frankenstein of organic farming. He spent the past four years on his 40-acre farm in Ventura County, CA perfecting the creation of molded produce in effort to create a perfect pumpkin version of Frankenstein’s monster. Creating the plastic molds for the pumpkins and figuring out how to use them was a tricky process. First he had to design the mold and work out the best material from which to fashion them.

"If it’s not right, it can accelerate the rotting of the fruit. There’s also the timing of mold placement. It has to be done with the fruit’s small enough to fit inside, but there’s a risk the fruit will turn during it’s growing process and snap away from its stem."

All the time and effort has paid off as Dighera has harvested approximately 5,500 Pumpkinsteins this first year. His crop sold out to suppliers months ago at $75 per reanimated head pumpkin, which is enough to cover all the money that he’s put into his project over the past few years. Retailers expect to fetch at least $100 per Pumpkinstein as Halloween draws closer. Next year Dighera plans to devote his entire 40-acre farm to molded pumpkin production and aims to harvest between 30-40,000 Pumpkinsteins.

Digheria is also thinking about future holidays. Keep an eye out for heart-shaped watermelons for Valentine’s Day and skull-shaped white pumpkins for Halloween 2015.

Photos 1 & 2 by Monica Almeida, 3 & 4 via Cinagro Farms.

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I made a decision in january to take more photos of myself so let’s keep the dream alive

I made a decision in january to take more photos of myself so let’s keep the dream alive


Blue- Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Yves Klein

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Smile - watch more funny videos


Funny or Die on: How to Respond When a Random Guy Tells You to Smile

This will be how I address this situation from now on. 

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